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We live in a world filled with communication devices.  This has given rise to the new distress called FOMO - Fear of Missing Out. Our real fear is that we are missing out on a real sense of connection and meaning. We have lost touch with our Better Angel energy.

The times we now live in are challenging to all of us. Our lessor angel energy is being communicated all around us. You can make a real difference. Why not send out Better Angel energy into your world.

Symbolism of the Number 222

·       222 is a symbol of new beginnings and expansion.

·       A new level of creativity is being invited to be expressed through you.

·       You are living in greater alignment with your life purpose.

·       You are becoming a co-creative with the Universe.

Let this Angels 222 mobile phone case symbolize your willingness to embrace your better angel energy. Let it be your invitation to invite the Message of Love to flow and express through you.

This is REAL communication.

Each morning give your better angel space. It is important that you learn how to receive messages of inspiration.  Let this phone case invite such remembrance of the importance of this kind of communication.

When you feel disempowered let these Better Angels message be a reminder to access your true power. This true power is living in alignment with the higher power within you. This is the power of Love. This is true communion.

Features of this Product

1.       Dual layer case for extra durability and protection

2.       Impact resistant Polycarbonate outer shell

3.       Photographic print quality

4.       Clear, open ports for connectivity

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other color cases other than with a white background and a black image.

The answer is no.  The reason is because the whole concept of the Better Angels brand is to give a clear, clean and minilist presentation.

Hope that doesn’t disappoint to much.