Rhodonite Heart Chakra Bracelet for Feeling in the Pink



We call this heart chakra balancing bracelet The Flowing Heart. This bracelet invites you to live from the energy of the heart chakra. This is where you are willing to live in alignment with Love’s Purpose as it is intended to be expressed through you.

The heart chakra is the bridge between the lower three chakras and the higher three chakras. When wearing this rhodonite heart chakra bracelet you signal that you are willing to be a channel for the highest good.

Anything that works to remind you of this essential task is to be welcomed. The Christian mystic Meister Eckhart says it this way.

When the Higher flows into the Lower the lower is transformed by the Higher - Meister Eckhart

Notice that his quote speaks about the experience of “flow.” The flow happens when the work of personal integration by way of the lower three chakras has been balanced and aligned.

The Spiritual Meaning of Pink

Pink is one of the colors associated with the heart chakra. The other color associated with the heart chakra is green.

Pink is the combination of 50% red (root chakra) and 50% blue (5th chakra). The color pink provides a feeling of peace, sweetness that triggers a desire for harmony and evolution. Symbolically speaking pink suggests that you are grounded in communion.

You feel safe in allowing the intuitive energy to flow through your heart and be manifested in this world of time and space.

Numerology of this Chakra Bracelet

This Rhondite chakra bracelet that invites intuitive communion has 18 beads. The number 18 in many traditions (Chinese and Hebrew) is the symbol of prosperity, abundance, and luck.

These 18 beads are divided into two rows of 9 beads by way of a heart.

The number 9 is a deeply spiritual significant number. It is a number signifying wholeness.  It is from this energy of wholeness that true prosperity and abundance flow.

The Central Symbol of this Heart Chakra Bracelet

The central symbol of this chakra balancing bracelet is the Rhondite heart.

It is only by way of an open heart that the true purpose and vision for your wild and precious life can manifest.

Let this heart symbol be a reminder to you of your quest for the highest within you that your heart longs to have expressed through you.

The heart KNOWS in ways that your head and your intellect can never know. This KNOWING, this way of SEEING is wholistic. It heals because it sees reality

Who is this Rhondite Chakra Bracelet For?

This heart chakra unity bracelet is for the individual who wants a reminder of the importance of grounding, communion, and alignment of their personal will with the Will to Love.

Let this bracelet invite remembrance of the sacred journey of the surrender of the personal will to the Will to Love. This is the greatest gift you can invite yourself to KNOW and BE. 

In this way, you become a living blessing. This lower-level chakra integration will, in the words of the Irish poet W. B. Yeats allows you to KNOW that you are blessed and can bless (Vacillation IV)

Benefits of this Heart Chakra Alignment Bracelet

  • This bracelet invites you to live from a courageous heart that recognizes the essential task of communion with the Divine.
  • This Rhondite bracelet reminds you of your connection to the source of all true prosperity. You become one willing to open the heart to your infinite potential.
  • The number of the beads connects you to a collective energy that is associated with the numbers 18 and 9 representing abundance and wholeness.
  • The heart encourages you (courage meaning “to enter the heart) to feel open to the flow of the energies of transformation (Higher Chakras).

Dimensions of Chakra Bracelet

  • Beads - 8 mm
  • Beads – 18 in number
  • Bracelet Length – 18.3 mm
  • Inner perimeter – 15.8 mm
  • Weight – 22 grams

The Material of the Chakra Bracelet

  • Natural Stone (there will be colour variations)
  • Each bead is individual (reflecting aspects of your individually).