There are many ways to express the magnificence of who you are created to become. 

Life will give you the words and the symbols that have meaning for you. We invite you to empower yourself by expressing these words and symbols by way of spiritual clothing.

If you have a quote or image that you love and would like to have made into a spiritual t shirt then we would love to hear from you.

Maybe all you want is a t shirt with one of our designs on it in a different colour. There are many different colours available, and we can’t show them all.

If this is of interest to you then here is what would be involved.

Get in touch with us at

Give us a brief idea of what you wish to create by way of words and image/s.

If it’s a change of colour of the t shirt then that may be very easy dependant on the choice of colour.

Some designs won’t suit a chosen colour. For example, the Buddha t shirt is available only in white given the intricacy of the image. It just doesn’t look good in any other colour.

If it’s a quote and an image you wish to create, then we will research the options available to you and present these to you.

The cost of the image is $30 which is the cost we pay for the designer.

You could have someone on Fiverr design an image for you for less, although in our experience this is often a very hit and miss affair.

Or you may have your own image that you own which has no additional cost to you.

You would then choose a font that you would like to use in combination with the image.

We would then have this printed as a one-off t shirt.

Commission Opportunity

If the design is one that we like we will request that you allow us to offer it on Yoga Journey for Life.

Any sales we make we will pay you 25% of the selling price.

In this way you might be able to have the design for free or if it becomes popular then earn some extra income.

We have a design we love and that you love, and it is a win/win situation for all.