It's 2020-21 and we are in the midst of a pandemic.  Travel is restricted. What to do but to explore other ideas?!

Launched in July 2021 thus began the adventure that is the yoga clothing and jewellry brand called the Yoga with Heart.

We are a family business established during that lockdown time of Covid-19 by husband Tony Cuckson and wife Barbara Smith.


Our mission is to create a brand of yoga clothing, jewelry and gifts that focus on the spiritual aspect of Yoga.

Being a writer (Tee) and poet (Bee) our designs and products are centered around the combined power of symbol and words to remind you of the magnificence of who you are created to be.

The plan for the future is to invite you to deepen your Yoga practice with spiritual clothing and jewellry that reminds you to become a Companion of Greatness.

We begin this mission by creating a range of complimentary products for your wardrobe with a small range of t shirts.

Beginning August 2021 we will relase jewellery with yoga symbols of power to reflect the beauty of body, mind and spirit.

Companioning Greatness

We are committed to bringing you the best in yoga and spiritual clothing, jewellery and gifts that we can find and create. In this way you become a Companion of Greatness (W.B. Yeats)