jewellery with meaning

Gift Yourself Jewellery with Meaning

The greatest gift you can ever give is the gift of your True Self. This is what you are here to share with the world. Wearing jewellery with meaning supports your intention to live in alignment the truth of who you and why you are. This will give your life true meaning and purpose.

What is Jewellery with Meaning

This is where jewellery has symbolic meaning for you that connects you with your heart and soul.  Symbolism is the language of the heart and soul. The best symbolic jewellery with meaning is that which symbolises your feeling connection to your True Self and that invites others to connect with to their True Self.

Symbolic Jewellery

The items of symbolic jewellery we present here includes such symbols of unity and connection as the symbol of infinity. 

There are also the symbols of the mandala, the Tree of Life, the symbol of OM including the symbols of sacred unity such as the Cross and the Lotus. All of these symbols invite you to feel connected to the experience of wholeness and healing within.

The Jewellery with Meaning category includes:-

  • Symbolic Jewellery.
  • Chakra Jewellery.
  • Affirmation Jewellery.
  • Meditation Jewellery.


Jewellery with Meaning Key

The key intention of wearing or gifting any jewellery with meaning is the invitation to affirm your true self worth or invite another to re-member their true self worth. Your true self worth and meaning for your life is never earned.

It is revealed. That you are forever enough always is and ever will be. Jewellery has value but its real value is in reminding you that you are a star in the making and are forever enough.

Any mystic will tell you that in the eyes of the Divine you are priceless. You are a one off jewel beyond the concept of value. This is because you are a unique diamond reflecting the radiance of Love.

This is the intention of Creation. Your happiness lies in living in alignment with this glorious meaning. You give jewellery meaning through the understanding of the symbol and the intention that is part of that jewellery with meaning.