Why the Yoga Pose Savasana is my Favorite for Dealing with Anxiety

One of the most healing poses in yoga, especially for anxiety, is Savasana. This is the practise of gradually relaxing one body part at a time, one muscle at a time, one thought at a time.

This is the pose yoga pose used in the practise of Yoga nidra, which is a key practise I use and benefit from in my own life. I cannot recommend the practise of Yoga Nidra  highly enough.

The slogan on this tee shirt “My best asana is Savasana” is really for me. It is a doorway into a meditative state of mind. It is a gateway to the stillness that speaks.

I think learning the Savasana pose is an essential life skill what would bring you many benefits. It is learning to lie there and do "No-Thing."

Learning to do NO-THING consciously is learning a certain magic. In this state of non-doing you open to the magic of being gone through by the Source of all Creation.

Flowing from Non-Doing

yoga pose for anxiety

Our Street Fighting Cat Felix who is Getting with the Program

You enter a state of flow.

Your body/mind gets out of the way so that the Divine within can be expressed through you. This is the real power and the real gift of Savasana (corpse pose).

It is a very practical way of learning how to live a Life of love.

I invite you to learn what will become your favourite asana. It seems simple, but there is a real challenge here. With other yoga poses, you have more control.

However, with the practise of Savasana you're letting go.

The challenge of Savasana is the challenge of not only stilling the body but also stilling the overthinking personal mind. This is the voice in your head that is forever on and which is like a badly tuned radio filled with static.

The singer songwriter Mike Scott of the Waterboys refers to this over thinking mind is the “Madman in the Cave of the Skull (World Party).

The modern mystic Eckhart Tolle refers to this overthinking mind as the normal insanity.

Into the Magic Beyond Thought

In the symbolism of the Bible, your never ending overthinking personal mind is called, “The Left side.” This is the over thinking, personal mind that keeps you tied to the past and the future and rarely lives in the present.

When the master Jesus advises the fishermen James and John to cast their nets to the Right Side, he is inviting them to enter that state of mind beyond thought.

The problem and the tragedy is that we teach most people to take this story about casting nets literally.

In this way they miss the invitation that makes the story relevant to their own life rather than just a fortunate fishing experience that happened two thousand plus years ago.

When you practise Savasana, you are in effect casting your metaphorical net to the Right Side. This is the side of your mind that has access to true abundance, purpose, and peace of mind.

The magic of it all is that such gifts come from doing nothing but trusting the Source within you.

The Best Yoga Pose for Anxiety

best yoga pose for managing anxiety

This is why Savasana is my favourite yoga pose. I regard this practise as the reason I was graced a mystical awakening in my mid-20s.

I regard it as a great grounding and healing practise. It is my foundation practice for the healing of anxiety. It is the foundational practice for healing PTSD in the Yoga Nidra iRest program.

Another benefit of Savasana is that you combine it with your Sankalpa. Your Sankalpa is an intention that is in alignment with your true heart’s desire.

The truth of the heart is not the truth of your over thinking mind.

To find real prosperity and purpose is to follow the heart. It knows the way to the experience of the promised land -  the Right Side.

Gift yourself a great healing skill.

Learn to trust in the power of nothing. Learn to trust in the still small voice within. Learn to trust in your true Self rather than your false self which is the primary cause of most unnecessary suffering in this world.

The journey of yoga is from the self to the Self through the self - Patanjali

Attire yourself with meaning.

Become a living Re-member-ance of all that you are created to become arising from the magic of silence and allowing. Become a living bridge to everything that you allow to pour through you for your highest good and for the highest good of the collective called humanity.

The greatest thing you can ever do is to learn to do nothing and in this way allow everything that Source energy is to do through you.

In this way you become a flow of love and action. I hope you can see why my favourite pose is so Savasana. I invite you to make this favourite yoga pose your own so that you KNOW that you are blessed and can bless.


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