Love is the Bridge between You and Everything.

What does the quote by Rumi, “Love is the bridge between you and everything” mean?

What would it be like to live from an experience of feeling connected to everything? Can it be done? If so, how might you go about living as an experience of everything?

To explore the meaning of “Love is the bridge between you and Everything” it helps if you understand what the mystic Islamic poet Rumi means by the following words :

  • Love–What is Love.
  • Bridge–What is the Bridge?
  • You–Who do you think you are?
  • Everything—the Paradox

Let’s explore each of these keywords related to the invitation to the direct experience of revelation where you become a living bridge to the energy of Love.

What's Love Got to Do with It?

To  understand what Rumi is advising is to know what he means when it uses the word, “Love.”

He isn't speaking about the “love” that you might recognise on days such as St. Valentines Day. Rumi is speaking from direct experience of that dimension were you as an individual KNOW that LOVE is who you are.

 When Rumi me uses the word, “Love” he is reminding you that your essential self is the love you are. He is reminding you that are made in the image of God.

God is LOVE.

The Bridge In Between

The bridge that Rumi speaks about is an energetic bridge. It is the energy of the open heart. It opens you out to the energy of Y-E-S which I call Your Energy System

This is where your heart is open and willingly surrendered to the will of the Divine. Is where your purpose is lived in alignment with Love's purpose.

This is the practise of authentic faith rather than blind faith. Authentic faith takes you into the unknown and into that dimension with beyond belief.

Twixt and In Between

What is between you and Love? Much of your blockage is the unwillingness to leave the world of the known.

This is the world of habit and logic. Rumi invite this journey into the unknown when he says:-

Trade logic for bewilderment

In Ireland we refer to this as living in the “Twixt and in between.” It is entry into valve which is called liminal space. This is Sacred Heart space.

This is where you willingly surrender all desires for the one desire that is to be in Love. This is the experience of Love as yoga or union.


Following the REAL You

When you KNOW that you are LOVE then you have access to everything.

Do not confuse this with a modern teaching called The Law of Attraction, with its focus on a kind of cosmic ordering.

When you are the KNOWING OF LOVE you are aligned with Cosmic Order. There is no dictating what you want. There is living as the flow of Love as uniquely intended to express through you.

In this way you live from the Secret of Secrets that is inside you again (Anna Akhmatova—A Land not Mine)

The Paradox of Everything

To be available to everything you have to be willing to become as NO-THING. This is the paradox of living a fulfilled life. In this way you become a pouring forth of Loves purpose.

You become a living Cauldron of Plenty (4th Treasure of Ireland).

You are the paradox of emptiness that is forever full. This is open-hearted living. This is where you bridge the personal sense of separateness that is the primary reason the most unnecessary suffering in this world of time and space

Add Meaning to Your Life

Gift yourself the remembrance that Love is the bridge between you and everything. This is the foundational reality from which all is created.

You may not yet KNOW this as a living experience from which you pour yourself out in blessings but at least commit to affirming this reality.

In this way you become a light unto the world. You affirm the one reality of all Creation. In this way you can declare “I am blessed and can bless.” –  Vascillation IV - W. B. Yeats




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