Follow Your Heart it Knows the Way

To live a full, prosperous, purposeful, and peaceful life is to live a life who you trust the energy of the heart.

This is more than trusting in romantic love.

It is where you become willing to explore what it feels like to live from alignment with your authentic self

The words in this Follow the heart T-shirt are from a poem by Rumi who say.

Follow your Heart it  knows the way.

This is fundamental wisdom teaching.

Let this wisdom instruction from the mystic poet Rumi invite you on the Heroes Journey. This is the longest and shortest journey that you will ever take.

It is the only journey you ever need take. 

This is the paradoxical journey from your overthinking personal mind the deep inner silence of the heart.

Until you follow your deep heart core (W. B. Yeats—Lake Isle of Innisfree) you will never know the power of silence.

You will never know what it is to find the peace that come dropping slow.




This is the inner silence that gives access to the peace the passeth understanding.

Saying Y-E-S to Yourself

Following the heart requires that you be prepared to take authority and responsibility for your own knowing.

Commit to learning to listen to your unique energy system this is what I call listening to Y-E-S.

Y – Your

E – Energy

S - System

They have taught you to listen to every voice other than your own (Mary Oliver—The Journey)

But little by little,

as you left their voice behind,

the stars began to burn

through the sheets of clouds,

and there was a new voice

which you slowly

recognized as your own,


The Journey by Mary Oliver


10 Poems to Open the Heart

Wisdom begins by turning within the to the Source of ALL KNOWING that is within your heart. Rumi calls this, "The Heart House."

Following the Heart Requires Courage

Make "Following the heart" your clear intention.

This is a courageous endeavour. This is reflected in the root of the word ‘courage’ meaning “to enter the heart.” that comes from the root of the French word  “core.”

Following in the heart changes your life's focus.

It takes you out of the primary cause of all unnecessary suffering. This is the attachment to the never ending thoughts in your head that spiral down into emotions of separation.

Following the heart means that you trade logic for bewilderment (Rumi).  Bewilderment does not mean confusion. It means being willing to enter the unknown.  It means being willing to become authentically faithful.

Affirm Your Heart's Intention

I have designed gifts to remind you of the gift you are here to be an express in this world of time and space.

These gifts combine words and symbols of healing power.

I show the symbol of the heart on this tee shirt. It is written in beautiful Arabic calligraphy in the shape of a heart.

This invitation to follow the heart is there to remind you of the task central to realizing your birth right.

Let this affirmation “Follow the heart” by Rumi  be your mantra of healing

Relax and trust your own inherent magnificence; trust your own sovereignty; trust your own X Factor.

Turn yourself into an energetic statement of power.

In this way you bless yourself and others. You become a radiance of healing power and energy through the words and symbols that originally emanated from a mystic heart.

Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Donovan)

There are lots of reminders here to support your hearts journey and following it on its purpose as it is handed to express through you.

Surround yourself with intention and remembrance of what really matters and what it takes to get there


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