Rumi Poster - Come Whoever You Are - Invitation to Hope

Here is a Rumi poster with a quotation to fill you with hope. Here is a reminder to you that the journey of being human within this dimension of time and space is, "No caravan of despair.”

This Rumi artwork is the work of the heart. It reminds you that you are a work from the heart of the Divine.

Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come.”

 ― Jelaluddin Rumi

 It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done. It doesn’t matter how many times you have broken your vows.

As someone who ventured for a time down the road of the alcoholic, I know how many time one can break their vows. At one level, it matters because breaking your vows to yourself and others matters.

However, at the level at which this Rumi wall art speaks to you it never matters because you will no less be loved by the Beloved - no matter what you do. This is hard to accept for anyone who has not KNOWN what it is to live beyond time and matter.

Come Whoever You Are

This reminder from Rumi is not exclusive. It is open to everyone. This is what a mystic poet like Rumi KNOWS. He has in the words of Dr Martin Luther King “I have been to the mountaintop.” Rumi KNOWS the Promised Land is REAL.

It's not exclusive to the chosen few who the Bible tells you are limited to 144,000. This is a teaching from those who have no KNOWING of the mystery of numbers.

It is only the mystic who can declare what appears to be nonsense to those of us living in the lowlands of the personal sense of self. These are the ones who KNOW and can declare that “This is no caravan of despair.”

Come Whoever You Are Song

Only those who have entered the heart of the mystery of that connection between the human and the Divine can affirm this reality. This is the same invitation that comes from the Christian mystic Julian of Norwich when she makes what appears to be a ludicrous assertion.

All is well. All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well - Julian of Norwich.

While all things may not be well within the world of time and space the mystic KNOWS that at the level of the Timeless all truly is well.

This is where the mystic invites you to come no matter how many times you have turned away and ventured into the separateness of the personal sense of self that is your primary cause of suffering.

Become a Lover of Leaving

Whether you are a wanderer, whorshipper or lover of leaving you are invited into KNOWING that this journey of being human with the dimension of time and space is not a journey of despair.

The ones more likely to accept the invitation are the wanderers and those who Rumi lovingly calls ‘Lovers of Leaving.’

There are multitudes of worshippers in the world of time and space who will not leave for the KNOWING of that dimension which is beyond belief. They love what they are told they must believe.

Such individuals are not Lovers of Leaving. They prefer to belong to what they know rather than enter the mystery of KNOWING and being KNOWN THROUGH.

To come to that place where you and the Divine meet you are required to become a Lover of Leaving. You leave behind your beliefs, your concepts, your knowledge and yourself. For most worshippers this is far to radical an invitation.

The Lover of Leaving is one who becomes a living Presence.

They leave behind the past and hope for the future. In this way they leave the dimension of time and fall in love with the Timeless. The Lover of Leaving is the one who has surrendered their personal purpose to live in alignment with Love’s Purpose.

This takes them into the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra.

From this dimension the Lover of Leaving is a living invitation to leaving the suffering created by attachment to the sense of the personal.

rumi print come whoever you are

Getting Lost with Rumi - Arzu Benavides -

The Rumi poster “Come come whoever you are” is a reminder that you are never apart from, nor can you ever be apart from the Love of the Divine. It is never something that you have to earn. It is who you forever are.

Let this Rumi poster adorn your walls or you garments. Walls absorb the energy of the consciousness of the one who is expressing the energy. These are the words direct from Source that come through the heart and the voice of one surrendered to what he calls The Beloved.

With this poster I invite you to create a place of sanctuary and surround yourself with that which is truly sacred. Three is nothing more sacred than reminders to return to your connection to Divine KNOWING and inspiration.

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